Thursday, 29 January 2015

Primasia Securities Awarded "Excellent" by Infobank

quoted from Infobank Magazine Special Issue 2014 Securities Company Ratings

Infobank 2014

There are 5 companies broker who obtained the title of "excellent" to "Securities Company Ratings Infobank version in 2014".

In rating these securities Infobank Research Bureau establishes five brokerage firm performance "excellent". The fifth company is Supra Securinvest, Mahakarya Artha Securities, Daewoo Securities Indonesia, Bosowa Sekuritas, and Primasia Securities.

In the group of brokerage assets under Rp. 100 billion, which is inhabited by 15 companies, Primasia Securities to be the only company that was awarded "excellent" to "Securities Company Ratings Infobank Version 2014" with a score of 82.72%. The company achieved this award thanks to a charming performance throughout 2013.

Primasia Securities business running smoothly in 2013 was marked by increased revenue. Last year the company's operating income which established in 1989 was Rp. 6.13 billion, growing by 2.15% from Rp. 6 billion in 2012.

According to data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), of the total revenue in 2013, the income derived from brokerage activities contribute as much as 70.38% or Rp. 4.32 billion. Meanwhile, the rest of the income of Rp. 1.82 billion came from net interest income and dividends.

Primasia Securities scored a total transaction of Rp. 5.14 trillion in 2013. As of October 2014, the company's has recorded a total transaction of Rp. 1.25 trillion.

Closing in 2013, Primasia Securities recorded a net profit of Rp. 3.32 billion. Compared to the previous year, net income securities firms grew very high, reaching 769.70%.

Positive performance performed by Primasia Securities continues until the third quarter of 2014. In terms of assets, for example, the company listed assets grew 18.30% (ytd), from Rp. 42.19 billion in December 2013 to Rp. 49.91 billion. Meanwhile, its business income per September 2014 reached Rp. 2.90 billion, with the composition of Rp. 1.16 billion as revenue brokerage activities and Rp. 1.74 billion of net interest income and dividends. As of September 2014 Primasia Securities record the current period profit of Rp. 406.52 million.

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